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Windows Holographic VR, are Microsoft virtual reality goggles


We continue to report on everything that Microsoft has presented this evening and that will soon be available on the market. Microsoft has an augmented reality system called Microsoft Hololens, a glasses which at the moment are aimed at a very specific public (companies mainly), with training of personnel for very specific tasks which can be performed. But Redmond guys don’t want to stay out of the virtual reality and they have given The Microsoft Holographic VR, virtual and augmented reality glasses that will come from the hand of the next update of Windows 10, Creators Update, in March of the coming year.


To diferenciad of the Hololens, these virtual reality glasses are much cheaper because they will come to the market from 299 dollars. This glasses do not require external sensors to operate and will have a six-axis tracking system. But until not get Windows 10 update named as Creator Studio will not be able to see or try these new virtual reality glasses and augmented with which Microsoft wants to plunge into this world where HTC, Oculus, and Sony are stronger currently.

Microsoft has sought the collaboration of Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and HP to launch these glasses and offer them to the public in the form of packs. It seems that Microsoft wants its new VR and AR sunglasses will popularize quickly from there which has Treaty reach an agreement with the leading manufacturers of computers, although in this area, the guys from Redmond them being planted face with Surface Pro and Surface Book devices. Precisely Micorosft today unveiled the second generation of the Surface Book, which added the tagline i7, to differentiate it from the first generation and make it clear that they will only be sold with the Core i7 Sky Lake of Intel.

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