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Wine 2.0 allows you to run programs x 64 Windows in macOS

The eternal complication between macOS and Windows, is maintained since many developers do not want to make their programs platform, that way we find many applications from macOS that are not available in Windows, and obviously the same course but on the opposite side. However, Wine is a macOS application that has allowed us to run Windows programs on your Mac in the most stable way. However, until now it was limited to 32-bit applications. Something that will never again be a problem, Wine 2.0 allows you to run programs x 64 Windows in macOS in the easier and more stable way.

Therefore, if you have a Mac device, it is time that you go pouring out Wine, a simple application, but that we can get more than one mess. Wine began to run no less than in 1993. If have in has that this is its version 2.0, is have taken up your time, but is that do the things well.

Another novelty is that now Wine 2.0 is completely adapted to the screens of resolution retina have Apple laptops from 2014. In this way we will not have compatibility issues between resolutions when it comes to run files. EXE on your Mac with macOS.

Of course macOS is not the only beneficiary, also will work with applications from 64-bit of Windows that we run now in any system sufficed in UNIX or Linux. In fact, now promises us run even Windows applications running on x 86 on Android devices, more innovative if possible, especially if we take into account that the Chromebook can hit hard during this year 2017 because its set price and the ability to install applications directly from the Google Play Store.

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