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WOM announced new plans offer

The Chilean operator WOM wants to remain a leader in telephony in the country, since it announced a new commercial offering, which can be used both for new customers and for those who want to make a change in their plan.

In a statement, the company revealed that the new plans will have more minutes and more GB navigation, which we shall detail below:

  • Plan 2 GB (more 200 minutes) = CLP$ 9.990
  • Plan 5 GB (more 500 minutes) = CLP$ 15.990
  • Plan 7 GB (more 1,000 minutes) = CLP$ 19.990
  • Plan 10 GB (more 2,000 minutes) = CLP$ 29.990

The CMO of WOM, Sebasti√°n Precht, noted that “we are launching a commercial offering that is up to 60% better than can be found in the local market, the gigas and offered minutes, both by its values”.

On the other hand, the company noted that during June, all postpaid from its new offering in the operator will have double GB on its 4G network to sail forever.

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