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WOM led the Andalusian net during 2016

From makes good time that WOM is leading the table of Andalusian and today is have released numbers interesting of it happened in 2016. The operator confirmed that earned 445 thousand Andalusian net total, an achievement considerable after start operations in the middle of the 2015.

The following graphic shows the growth during the first eleven months of the year.


Those first six months painted promising, although then WOM underwent a precipitous fall and began to stall is. At this time he regained clear land while Movistar remained on a tightrope. Entel already is case lost.

WOM is is working on a new strategy for leave of losing customers. The secret is in improve the attention to the consumer end since the company is which registers the greater number of claims.

That fate it holds to the operator during 2017?

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