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WOM would not count with 2 million customers touting

In the print edition of La Tercera, the communications Secretariat (SUBTEL) unveiled the market share of the telecommunication companies in Chile.

One of the data in which it emphasizes and quite striking is that WOM, belonging to the English group invest operator, does not reach the 2 million users that tend to promote and celebrate.

According to the information provided, WOM would have 1.559.426 subscribers to December 2016, that as of today, even with reports of portability, do not reach the advertised amount of customers, according to SUBTEL.

The participation of the company in Chile reached 6.7% of the market. While clear has a 25.5%, Movistar a 32.2% and Entel a 32.9%.

WOM has been contacted by this newspaper in search of their version of the cases and expand just exists response.

2 millones WOM

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