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Works Smart Glow, the new system of notifications of Samsung

Any user of smartphone will have realized by now that the screen is the main source of wear of the battery, to help solve this some companies have opted to integrate a small LED for notifications that works as an indicator of agile and practical, to know the type of interactions that we receive through a clever color code , without having to activate the device.

But now the guys at Samsung seems that they are certain to make evolve/move this harmless and saving function, with the integration of a new technology that have called as Smart Glow.

According to a series of leaked patent belonging to this company. Smart Glow would not be another thing more than a square of lights that surround the frame of the rear camera terminal, to serve as a center of notifications which will vary in color according to the origin of the app that has triggered the message, and a bit more.

Smart Glow colour code would run just to know the status of the battery without having to turn on the screen, as well as having an Assistant for selfies with the most powerful Smartphone camera, so Smart Glow sensors indicate by color-coding the best framing.

The rumor is that this new technology would be integrated as the stellar and novel function of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J, although it remains officially confirm this detail.

Samsung, for a change, has not said anything about it.


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