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X-connect, the cable USB magnetic and universal to load it all


It is not the first time that we are talking about a device as well. Campaigns that have invaded are many in recent times sites like Kickstarter, and it is a simple model that Steve Jobs (Apple) popularized with his famous MagicSafe, nothing is so easy to connect as devices that feature a socket with magnet. This is not only for the convenience of not having to enter it, but also by the fact that tends to avoid possible falls by pulling of cables… are who not has happened? We present X-connect, the magnetic USB for all your devices.

Cable tries to cover the maximum number of available platforms, so there will be users who complain of the unavailability or the fact of having to buy several cables for all your household products. It has a Lightning Jack, a MicroUSB connector for the majority of Android devices and finally fashion, a USB-C that will delight those who have gadgets with the latest in connections. It is time to forget about accidental falls or the difficult introduction of microUSB, becomes X-connect, a cable for master them all.

We do not know to what extent the cable will give the same power of load being magnetic than other fully-wired cables, though manufacturers promise exactly the same quality of streaming content that any cable. Account with an LED indicator on the magnetic tip that inform us if the cable is working or not correctly, with a rope wrapped in nylon that will ensure its duration and resistance to use, and some fully coated heads in aluminium. To full grace, the USB end is type A by what is reversible, although it may not seem it. Currently on Indiegogo and it is reaping very good reviews.

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