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Xiaomi buys Microsoft patents for smartphones

It is no secret that Microsoft and its division of smart phones with Windows Phone has not been the success that the company hoped, with some really unfortunate financial results, but few expected that things would be to such a degree that the company would end up selling their patents to that segment to Xiaomi.

Through a statement on the official site of Microsoft, the company has revealed the execution of this transaction, where, under an additional Exchange, dynamic Xiaomi will have access to hundreds of inventions for smartphones patented by the computer giant, to turn all this Chinese brand mobile devices will have pre-installed popular apps like Office and Skype.

Many analysts consider that Xiaomi strategy corresponds to a desperate measure to try to finally penetrate successfully in the Western market, where its performance has been discreet, affecting its sales goals during the last fiscal year, managing to just sell 71 million devices, when his goal was to exceed 100 million.

Still it is not known which of the two involved has been more affected. On the one hand the range of patents can hide any creation with extraordinary potential of monetary earnings that failed to be exploited by Microsoft, but is also the risk that everything could be trash, to Xiaomi all Android handsets will now receive a lot of bloatware that nobody asked.

Although there will probably be several clerks comply with this new agreement.

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