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Xiaomi could announce the my Mix white in #CES2017

So far Xiaomi has had a modest penetration in America by means of medium or low range phones. The things could change in CES 2017 as the manufacturer Chinese confirmed that will make a great advertisement of a product that will distribute to level world.

A phone? Is it my Mix? What such a white version? Honestly do not know, but it has of Twitter of Xiaomi already gave a track and those that know read between lines could carry is a surprise.

#MiCES2017-4 days to our 2017 CES Mi Product Launch! It’s going to be an exciting Mix of tech breakthroughs! Thoughts on announcement?

-Mi (@xiaomi) January 1, 2017

This twit would feed the rumor that emerged a few weeks ago of a possible target of my Mix version, although that would be least important. The entrance of Xiaomi with a range high to a country dominated by Apple and Samsung is by verse.

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