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Xiaomi is, basically, a Galaxy Note 7

After much speculation and rumors, Xiaomi announced in Beijing the Mi Note 2. Within all its features that will detail below, you could call the attention the similar in many areas with a phone recently extinct.

Has with a screen OLED of 5.7 inch curve on both sides, with rear symmetric and edge of aluminium. Has processor Snapdragon 821, 4 or 6 GB of RAM depending on the capacity of storage, 64 GB on the model and base and 128 GB on the model advanced. 4070 mili battery amps, with fast charging 3.0. 23 megapixel camera, with Aperture 2.0 without optical image stabilization, and much more, as connection through USB-C.

If you were one of the few that reached to get their hands on Galaxy Note 7, the above specifications can be made you something similar, right? The differentiating factor, as often with Chinese teams, is that you as had to do research & development, they can afford to offer their terminals to joke price compared to traditional marks. $413 USD is “since”, but the version compatible with most of the bands in the world and which we can purchase online, are available from $516 USD November 1st.

Do you think to get the Note 7 Chinese? Tell us in the comments.

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