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Xiaomi Lunar Smart, the new dream of Xiaomi meter


The Chinese company is brands that no longer release products, smartphones and gadgets of all kinds and this time it’s a meter of dream which in principle will be available mid-January in china. There is no doubt that this gadget which serves to control our sleep at night can find its niche among users who like to be in the case of these data.

The gadget does not has of screen and therefore requires of an application that is available for devices Android and iOS. The good thing about this Smart Lunar is that in addition to measuring sleep adds Triple Sound function, that what it does is to recommend us on our mobile device the best music to relax and sleep better.

This is the video of operation of Xiaomi Lunar Smart:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The use is simple and we will only have to place it inside the pillow or under it to the device detects movements, noise and other necessary information. When you wake up in the morning you will find in the smartphone application all data collected by this Lunar Smart, something that many users is interesting to know and help them day to day.

On the price of this meter of dream there are no surprise coming from Xiaomi, it will have a price of about $10 to change approximately and obviously to be able to make the purchase of the same play we wait to see if an e-commerce puts it on sale when it goes on the market. In principle as well as happens with other devices of Xiaomi which are more “away from the smartphone” that sold, it is possible that it does cost a little more to find them but hopefully Yes available for those wanting to get one of these small meters of sleep, that Yes, the application for the smartphone surely not added the English language or the Spanish.

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