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Xiaomi Mi5C would cost less than 140 euros according to the latest leaks


We continue with news related to Xiaomi these days and is now been leaked what seems a poster advertising this Xiaomi Mi5C, device that would be submitted officially coming year. In principle seems to be that it would put on sale with a price of 999 Yuan, or what is the same about 138 euros to change approximately.

Xiaomi not be stops and continue seeing rumors and leaks of their equipment by the network to daily. In this case the device would arrive year coming and that would be the first to assemble a processor of Xiaomi, which has raised a stir in the media. It is true that in this own processor is not the most talked about by the network and is that also said that you could mount the helium P20, a processor for an input device.

The issue is that the 2017 CES Las Vegas (International Consumer Electronics Show 2017) where will show us the latest news and innovations from the leading manufacturers of the technology around the world is just around the corner, will be held from 5 to 8 January 2017, and for the first time in its history Xiaomi will participate in the event so he could show something new in it Maybe this Mi5c.


Plays remain prudent with transfer rumours despite having the image of the device with its price, and is that not so long ago that we come from the “blow of the my Nano Mix” in which a Director of the firm stepped to deny that they were manufacturing or planning to launch that device. Logically with this Mi5C is different since have already appeared several photos and some specs so much internal as of design. To see what happens in this final month of the year that is coming and if we really have the brand new or they directly expected to CES to enter through the front door.

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