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Xiaomi Mi5s and Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, the first mobile with the new Snapdragon 821

Xiaomi Mi5S

While makes weeks that have heard talk of the work and next launch of the Xiaomi Mi5S, it true is that its specifications, its form, its hardware has been surprise until the moment. In an event that Xiaomi has organized in China, has presented this new model that is based on the famous Xiaomi Mi5, but with more power and two models that attempt to follow in the footsteps of the famous Apple iPhone.

But what without place to doubt has surprised is that is the first phablet of brand known in incorporating the new Snapdragon 821, the new processor of Qualcomm.

In this release, Xiaomi has dear follow the steps of Apple and has released two versions, a Xiaomi Mi5S with a screen of 5.2 inches and a Xiaomi Mi5S Plus with a screen of 5.7 inches. Both screens have Full HD resolution and a high gloss, above the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Xiaomi Mi5S will count with 64 Gb of storage internal but not has slot for cards microsd

In terms of processor, Snapdragon 821 will accompany the phablet as well as 6 Gb of ram and 64 Gb of internal storage. Although Xiaomi therein remains faithful to its philosophy and will launch different versions playing with the model, the amount of RAM and storage internal. But in any case, the 3 Gb of RAM is the minimum capacity and the 6 Gb of ram maximum capacity. As well as 64 Gb minimum internal capacity and 128 Gb maximum internal capacity.

Both versions will have a camera sensor of 13 MP 4 MP on the front and back as well as a fingerprint reader and MIUI 8. However in the part rear also features with dual camera, stabilizer and double flash led.

Xiaomi Mi5S

Regard to connectivity, both models feature with 4 G, wifi, bluetooth, NFC and GPS, go it necessary and basic today, although not know if these mobile will have the band 800 for them networks European. In any case, the autonomy of these devices is high because they have a 3,000 mAh battery in Xiaomi Mi5S and 3,800 mAh at Xiaomi Mi5S Plus, which goes in line with the increase in screen.

Another point positive of the new Xiaomi Mi5S is the price of the terminal. Although has a great hardware, the price not is as high as the last iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but rather a price reduced. The 3 Gb ram model has a cost of 300 euros, while the model with more memory ram and internal storage only costs 100 euros more, about 400 euros approximately, something flashy and a great choice for those who always have problems of memory ram with applications or internal storage. In any case, seems that the big screen is an element that will tend to disappear even for Xiaomi as Xiaomi Mi5s Plus doesn’t seem to have more than that, a great screen. And you what you stay Xiaomi Mi5s? do you think about the new terminal of Xiaomi?

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