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Xiaomi my Mix, a smartphone of 6.4 inches unframed

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Xiaomi has present today same officially expected my Note 2 which has not left indifferent to almost no one, and also his new glasses virtual reality baptized as my VR. In addition it has also had time in an event long enough to show us a conceptual phone that shows us towards where you want to direct their future Chinese manufacturer in the market of mobile telephony.

As it were the famous “One More Thing” often used by Apple, Xiaomi has shown us the Mix my Xiaomi, a mobile device with a spectacular display of 6.4 inches and has absolutely no context as you can see in the video who heads this article.

While at the moment only it is a project with very good appearance, which has allied with Philippe Starck to design with a large class, Xiaomi has confirmed that its intention is to market and sell it officially soon.

Screen occupies the 91.3% of the front


Certainly any if this Xiaomi my Mix called the attention by something is by your screen, that occupies nothing more and nothing less that the 91.3% of the front and above all by its design.

To achieve this the manufacturer Chinese has had that works of form very intense and is that in the part front of any terminal is host many components that of this device van to disappear. For example the proximity sensor is now hidden behind the screen and operates with ultrasounds and front camera has become practically tiny, reducing their size up to 50%.

In addition we have a system named as “Cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” that replaces the traditional speaker, it seems it will offer us a better quality of sound.

The design does not compromise the power or performance

Many people could think that getting a front where the screen is the main protagonist could compromise the power or the performance of any terminal, but this Mix my Xiaomi is any thing less one device either. And it is that inside it will mount a Snapdragon 821, which we find in Xiaomi Mi5S or My Note 2.

With regard to the memory RAM will be endowed of 6 GB by 256 GB of storage internal. For ends with the specifications, according to is has given to know in the event will be with a camera main of 16 megapixels and a front of 5 megapixel. The battery will be 4,400 Mah and course will feature Quick Charge 3.0 Quick charging technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Price and availability of the Mix my Xiaomi

If all item have you been wondering if this smartphone will reach the market in an official way, Xiaomi response is a resounding Yes, although at the moment there is no official date. That Yes, those rumors already are running to could begin to be available in the month of November, or what is it same almost to the Xiaomi my Note 2.

Its price is set at the 3.499 Yuan for the lower model that will have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Meanwhile, top model, and that everyone will want to have in our hands, with 6GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage come to market with a 3.999 Yuan price or what is the same about 550 euros to change.

Of time must of wait to is confirm a date official for the launch of the device and especially, and allow me that is a unbelieving, if the fiction that have seen today is seems to the reality. Of be so, will be before that possibly go to be the best terminal of the market thanks to its screen without frames that us will allow enjoy of a form without equal of photographs or of any video. All have dreamed of a smartphone with only screen and seems that Xiaomi is very close to get it.

Do you think that Xiaomi my Mix will reach the market officially looking like what we have seen today in the event of Xiaomi?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for them reviews of this entry or through any of the networks social in which are present.

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