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Xiaomi sells twice as smartphones in China that Apple and Samsung together


The Chinese market is one of the most important in the global mobile phone market and in the last hours we have known some of the numbers that help us to understand the reason for this claim. According to the data released by a local company, Xiaomi is the real King of the market, selling more than twice as many smartphones that Samsung and Apple together.

Its market share jumped last April to 26%, exceeding far the two concerning world such as Apple, which reaches 8% of market share, and Samsung, which remains at only a 3.2%. Just behind Xiaomi find Honor, that it reaches 15.7 percent of the market.

If we take into account that Honor belongs to Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer total market share would amount to 23.7%, which puts you near Xiaomi, although still at a safe distance.

LeEco ranks third with a 10.5%, we would then reviewed the Apple, and closing the list are Meizu (7%), 360 (4.5%) and Samsung. Surprise the enormity of the “Other” category that takes a market share of nothing more and nothing less than a 17.1%.

It should be recalled at this point that all this information is pertaining to the month of April, with what are not too important data, since what really matters is to analyze a full quarter or even the total of a year. If Xiaomi in those periods is still dominating the market at home, we can speak of power and stranglehold.

Do you think that Xiaomi is the real King of the market of mobile, at least in China?.

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