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Xiaomi shows a teaser of the Xiaomi my Note 2 that will have a price superior to the 600 euros


Xiaomi machinery does not stop ever and after multiple releases that we have witnessed in recent weeks, the Chinese manufacturer is already prepared for a new release. Will be the of the Xiaomi my Note 2, of which already has posted a teaser, that that itself not us gives too many tracks. He only can see a football field with the text 2 > 5, which could lead us to believe that this my Note 2 will be more powerful than the 5 Mi Xiaomi.

According to some rumors appeared in the network of networks this new smartphone Xiaomi could ride one of the new processors Snapdragon 821/823 and a 6 GB RAM memory. Also could be the first terminal of the manufacturer Chinese that will mount a screen with resolution QHD.

What if it is already confirmed is that we will not be in a mobile device affordable, as is often the case with Chinese manufacturer devices. And it is that Liwan Jian, co-founder of Xiaomi, has confirmed that this new terminal will have a price higher than the 4,000 yuan, which change are approximately about 540 euros before taxes, that we could go at a price of 650 euros plus VAT.

This Xiaomi my Note would be presented before end of year, and according to many rumors could be presented of form official in the frame of the IFA that was held in Berlin at the beginning of the month of September.

Do you think that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be one of the major players in the the mobile market at the end of the year despite its price?.

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