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Xiaomi will raise the price of its smartphones coming soon


Xiaomi devices are based primarily on two bases untouchable so far: quality and price. It certain is that this relationship quality price is must to several factors that now nor are going to enter to discuss, what if seems evident is that the following device mobile of the signature Chinese that will be the rumored Xiaomi my Note 2, transferred the barrier of that price adjusted and is placed very near them 600 dollars.

So far, and despite the fact that in the case of a high price for a brand that has us too well accustomed in the value for money, it is not far above the terminals of other manufacturers high-end but if you have a handicap compared to the rest and the marketing of these not beyond Chinese borders and the issue of guarantees may be a problem for users.

Plays be patient and wait them movements official but what if is true is that the own signature with its CEO to the front, Liwan Jiang have confirmed the increase of price in the web Gizmochina. From these statements in which Jiang warns that the next terminal happens to cost 4,000 yuan, about $ 600 , it there is no more to say.

Them movements of increase of price can duty is to several changes in the political of the company or different factors external, but what if is clear is that soon that relationship so good of the greater quality possible to a price of shootdown will leave of be it note dominant in them devices mobile of Xiaomi. Still we are resigned to see the official release to see what is all this, but if the own CEO is responsible for giving this news few or no change we hope to see.

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