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Xperia Touch turns any surface into a touch screen #MWC17

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The intervention of Sony during the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) took all reflectors with the presentation of its new Xperia XZ model and the range mexia XA1, however the company presented some other striking and worthy of mention of your products. Such is the case of the Xperia Touch projector, able to turn any surface into a touchscreen interface.

As stated in the official website of this gadget, enabled after his revelation in the MWC 2017, Xperia Touch is a smart, able to throw an image up to 23 inches while maintaining its tactile qualities, and even the 80 if only seeks to launch non-interactive content.

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Weighing less than a kilogram and running on the Android operating system, the Xperia Touch works primarily as a tablet of this platform, but its touch technology allows you to deploy custom programs and even video games that exploit to the fullest capabilities, as the video shows.

Since recording a meo in video, hold a videoconference on Skype, organize the agenda, check the weather or surf the internet, Xperia Touch uses a Wi-Fi connection and is capable of projecting images up to 60 FPS.

In fact it becomes grade integrate the functions of remote gaming if you have at home and the same network a PlayStation 4 console.

But the most interesting of the Xperia Touch is that it is not a concept, but a product that will be released soon to the sale, for a price of USD $1.585 approximately.

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