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Yahoo created a software to find information among users of mail for the American Government


When the process of sale of Yahoo by Verizon still not completed, company not to get out of the mess to get into another. A few days ago we inform you of the hack who had suffered their servers with which the hackers could obtain personal information of more than 500 million users in 2012. It has now come to light a new scandal also involving its e-mail system. Apparently Yahoo think software that track all mail receiving mail of Yahoo users looking for specific information provided by the Government of the United States.

According to Reuters, who has published the news, that request was made in a way confidence and which Yahoo agreed without offering any kind of problems with which both the NSA and the FBI had access to hundreds of millions of accounts. But apparently it was not the only company to which the United States Government requested this information. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter were also required in the first instance, but refusing the Government quickly withdrew and did not return to using no method of coercion.

The decision by Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, he sat very badly in some of the top executives of the company , causing his departure a few months later. Speaking to Reuter, Yahoo said that the company is respectful of the law and complies with the laws of the United States. He has not entered to assess the information published by the news agency. After the request and subsequent submission by Yahoo to the American Government security of Yahoo Chief resigned stating that the decision to create a software to spy on user accounts, eludes security system created by the company to prevent this type of access.

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