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Yahoo says that sale to Verizon is still standing, but with delay

Since its inception, the worst year for the history of Yahoo has been the 2016, a year in which it has seen as their value came to pique, after the problems of collaboration with the American Government so that it could access any email account and more than 1,500 million accounts that were hacked years ago , but that the company hid it until a few months ago. Until they made public the number of accounts hacked in the past, Yahoo had come to an agreement to sell most of the company to Verizon.

Shortly after reaching an agreement for 4,800 million dollars began to uncover cases of hacks in the accounts of Yahoo, rather than it not sat nothing good to Verizon tried on more than one occasion attempting to cancel the agreement reached that with Yahoo either that the price of the transaction is reduced, at least 1,000 million. He has not publicly confirmed nor denied that the price has been able to vary, and likely that we do not know it never. At the moment the only thing that seems to be true, is that Verizon is still behind the purchase of Yahoo.

Coincidentally, this last quarter has been one of the best for Yahoo, which has managed to increase its turnover by 200 million compared with the same period of the previous year and exceeding 100 million, figures that analysts predicted. Once Yahoo dispose of the part that has purchased Verizon, the company will be called Altaba, and which will manage Yahoo Japan, one of the most profitable for the company as well as the important position that has on the Chinese giant Alibaba.

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