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Yes gentlemen, there will be a Google Pixel 2

He awarded by the criticism, Google Pixel, will have an encore this year. So I can confirm Vice President of hardware in Google, Rick Osterloh.

In the context of an interview in the Mobile World Congress, Osterloh said the following:

The industry has an annual rate and you can count on us to continue it. “There will be a successor of the Pixel this year, although perhaps not you hear a release date that comes from my”

Google Pixel launched an October, so we can pick up the words of the directors that the second version will be launched in that month.

In addition, confirmed that the team “will be premium”, given which we infer that the price will remain so.

We hope that Google has learned a thing or two about distribution and thistime if they have stock at the height of the demand. Currently it is very complex to get a unit of officially in the United States. In Europe is even more complex and in Latin America we are on the verge of confirming that it will never officially.

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