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Yoga 520 and 720, the two new convertible presented by Lenovo

Lenovo continues to struggle for a bull market, we talk about market convertibles, devices that are running with the sales quota that will gradually leaving behind the tablets and PCs. The Chinese company is still studying how the demand for the new user, a user that has mutated and that has left behind the creation of content, looking for comfort and portability above all. For that he has presented the new 520 Yoga and Yoga 720, the new convertible Lenovo aiming to revolutionize the market based on your specifications.

And it is precisely why, since the technical and hardware features may leave us open-mouthed if we take into account the type of devices that we are.

We started with the Yoga 520, a device of no less than 14 inches, which is unusual in portable convertible, with a Full HD (120 × 1080) resolution. To move the team, we will find the seventh generation of the Intel Core i7, accompanied by a succulent 16 GB of RAM, which promise us to match even of the most demanding tasks at the level of software. For sound, the Harman brand does offer Dolby Home Theatre. With an aluminum chassis and a range of interesting colore.

The Yoga 720 we will offer very similar specifications, we must bear in mind that your 13-inch screen will offer us 3840 × 2160 px, while to the 15-inch version we will offer 3840 × 2160 also, lower density but equally interesting resolution. The range of processors and RAM memory will be exactly the same.

In terms of graphics, the 13-inch model will come with Intel HD Graphics 620, while the 15 offers nothing less than a NVIDIA GTX 1050 to delight us with their resolution, also a series of speakers from JBL signature accompanied.

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