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Yomvi will be the first to offer content offline


During these weeks are learning many of the innovations that will offer Movistar in coming months. Among the most interesting we can highlight, for example changes in their rates Fusion or Yomvi. This service will be the first in Spain to offer content on demand without the need for an internet connection, so ahead of the interest in this concept of other large rivals like Netflix.

Information and details about how could operate this new option in Yomvi are still unknown. Yet it was confirmed that it only will be available for mobile devices that use the official application well under iOS or Android and tablet or mobile format. Another question that remains unresolved by Movistar is the official release date of this new and interesting functionality though, as they say, it will be very soon what we could mention only a few days.

Yomvi is ahead of Netflix to deliver content without the need for connection

As user of this type of service, surely more than once wondered about what possibilities can offer you to view content without an internet connection. Personally I have been researching and the truth is that you for some time, in spite of Netflix users demand it, the truth is that the American company dismissed it at the time because, according to them, it too complicated use experience for any of its clients.

After several months, it seems that Netflix if you would be willing to provide this functionality, as they have lately said, the company is always ready to explore new ways of improving the service. Personally, I have to confess that it is all a plus that this type of companies begin to take an interest and develop this option when you are traveling, especially if they are long train journeys, bus… may be more than interesting to continue watching your favorite series without having to rely on your unstable connection 3 G.

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