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You can buy a 3 OnePlus even without knowing its price

OnePlus 2 left a bitter taste among many users after its disastrous and careless launch, now, the company is aware of this and it has strived to do something different for the sale of its relief, the OnePlus 3.

The idea, although basic and absurd represents something refreshing not seen before: users can buy the terminal before their placing on the market, but will pay blindly without knowing its real price.

According to the company, starting on 6 June interested users may enter the official site of the OnePlus 3 and pay the amount deemed fair by the new terminal, to then wait for 15 June, date of the official launch, which can meet the real price of the device and details about shipping and delivery of your purchase.

This strategy seeks to enhance the confidence of the users towards the brand, once revealed the final price of phone buyers will receive a refund for the difference or they will have to pay the remaining, as the case may be, but in any scenario, you will receive an extended warranty protection to your screen and a gift certificate for USD $48. Above, if the customer is not satisfied with the smarpthone be able to recover their money.

A curious fact is that in reality is not known anything about the technical specifications of the OnePlus 3, but sites like Mashable been responsible for compiling all the rumors about this aspect, highlighting the possibility of a screen Full HD, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 16 MP front camera.

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