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You can charge your mobile phone fully in just 20 minutes thanks to the Super mCharge Meizu

Meizu Super mCharge

Since today get to evolve the technology recede in the interior of the batteries in our mobile devices seems rather too complex, are many companies that have opted to design fast charge systems to produce, in a short period of time, we can enjoy again our device with its battery fully charged. Within this field, today I want to introduce you the new Meizu Super mChargesystem.

According to the details in the access’s press published by the own Meizu, apparently present in the Super mCharge Meizu technology is able to fully charge a battery of 3,000 mAh in just 20 minutes. This work does so, moreover, without need to generate excessive heat, one of the drawbacks of the present in similar systems presented by other competing companies.

Meizu Super mCharge a new system of quick charging of batteries quite interesting.

Apparently, to develop this unique charger out engineers and designers of Meizu have opted to create a capable of working to 11V and 5A charger which, according to their tests, and estimates, would allow any user with a device equipped with a completely empty 3,000 mAh battery charge 34% in just 5 minutes while , if we can hold up to 10 minutes, it is charged by 64%.

As detail to keep in mind, let you know that apparently this technology does not require that there must be chemical batteries inside changes while your charging system, at least in terms of the charger itself, presented internal changes that differs it from a traditional system. As a negative part of this whole subject, noted that like many other companies, Meizu bets for a proprietary system that requires users to have to acquire specific cables.

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