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Young changed its name to iPhone 7 to win a phone

If you believe that AppleWayer is the benchmark in terms of Apple fanboys, you are wrong. A muchachin of 20 years just of commit an of them exploits more absurd: changed its name to iPhone 7 only for win is the phone.

Olexander Turin, a young man from Ukraine, went to register civil to change its name by iPhone Sim – Sim is seven in Ukrainian – in order to win a brand-new iPhone 7. The contest, held in his native country, offered the latest Apple phone to the first twenty stupid intrepid who dared.

According to AP, the name change costs just USD $2 in Ukraine. Compared with them USD $850 that is worth the phone no is nothing, although not know if young Sim may change its name more forward. The good news for him is that you have a new phone and has the support of his family, the bad thing is he was not given the Plus version.

Would you change it name? In my case it would me YotaPhone or perhaps something more explosive as Galaxy Note 7.

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