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YouTube Android test a bottom navigation bar

Tests and more tests, not only in Play Store, as Google also works on YouTube for Android with a new user interface. In reality, it would seek homogenize the experience offered in its version for iOS.

Android Police reports changes in the application of YouTube as part of the evidence. Innovations include a new navigation bar lower, more simple than that ever existed, as well as a new section “Library” and the rearrangement of the “Account” section.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

From the new navigation bar, it will be possible to move quickly from the “start” to “Trends”, “Subscriptions” and “Library”. In this latest find our history, videos, shopping and playlists.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

To view the ‘Account’ section, you will need to press the new avatar located on the top right icon. From there we can see some of the options that are currently available in the menu of three points, as the “settings”, “help”, “Terms and privacy policy”, among others.

It was time to improve the way in which you navigate in an application, and more like YouTube, thanks to a navigation bar that is useful in large screen phones, without result elements or waste a single space.

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