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YouTube Gaming lands today in Spain


Many and very good news we are seeing today for users who live in Spain. Now Google to Youtube Gaming video games, platform arrives in Spain to stay. Many of you sure that you are already enjoying it with the games streaming live from the youtbers Spanish dedicated to the gaming, but surely many others didn’t know this news.

But going by Parties for those arriving them again, so in principle comment that Youtube Gaming is the platform that was born about a year ago and which is exclusive to the world of video games and so that users can enjoy the world of streaming video with customizable profiles to receive notifications and notices when any of our favorite youtubers are launched with streaming and most importantly , of the games that you want.

Titles such as Call Of Duty, Clash Royale or Pokemon, are only a small part of the games that we can continue on this new platform of Youtube. In it we will see all the latest and most eagerly awaited news by gamers.

This is the announcement issued by Google Spain to launch this service:

Launched #YouTubeGaming with a marathon of streaming! @Rubiu5 @vegetta777 or @WillyrexYT are waiting for you #YTGaming24h?

-Google Spain (@GoogleES) November 30, 2016

If we had any doubt about it, we can view the content in our PC, tablet or mobile device. Grouping the content of games in one place is interesting for those who saw the launch of this platform in the United States or United Kingdom and stayed with the desire to have it in Spain. It is now available.

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