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YouTube Kids reach Spain on July 13


Ago already a time that Google announced of form official YouTube Kids, the version of the popular portal of videos for children, that now will make his landing in Spain the next 13 of July. In other countries such as United States already available with great success since the month of February of the year 2015.

In this special version of YouTube, which is now available in a handful of countries around the world, any child can enjoy content specifically directed to children. For example you can enjoy Dora the Explorer or Sesame, Pocoyo. In addition you can access to different content created exclusively for this new platform.

YouTube Kids will make his debut in Spain just in time so that children in the House, who are already on holiday, enjoy your favorite videos, without risk and with full control of their parents or responsible relatives.

An of them advantages main of YouTube Kids, is in addition to the content that offers to them children, is the control that the parents may have about this new interface of Google. And is that in a simple way it may be decided that videos can be viewed in our children, without having to be continually watching that video to video chip, as is currently the case.

Now only is waiting, for the arrival official of YouTube Kids to Spain, so while hope only you is watch closely to your children to see that videos see and if are appropriate for them or not.

How about the arrival of YouTube Kids in Spain?.

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