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YouTube network will begin its expansion in Europe this year by the United Kingdom


It giant of them searches in internet launched makes little more than one year YouTube network, a service of payment that allows to them users of the platform enjoy of all the content available in YouTube without suffer the constant interruptions of them ads, both to the principle, between as at the end of them videos. Since its launch in the United States, gradually has been expanding to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea of the South and Mexico, where it is available since last August. But Google knows that pay by see videos that are available also from form free not is enough justification for those users is it think two times at the time of hire the service.

This is why YouTube subscription also includes the possibility to enjoy the entire catalog of Google Play Music, an incentive that can be more than enough as to which some users do not think twice. But here not just the thing, since Google is negotiated with different producers to offer exclusive content to subscribers, content in the form of tv series, programs, documentaries… that only will be available through this subscription.

While Google is improving and adding more options to this service, from The Telegraph newspaper claim that Google is preparing to disembark in Europe, beginning as it is usual for the United Kingdom this year. And I say the preparing because as Netflix and HBO have reached agreements with Spanish producers to offer their TV shows in their streaming services, Google wants to offer a similar service to compete with these giants and pass become an all-in-one, with which offer music and video in a same monthly fee.

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