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YouTube will incorporate new search app for mobile filters


YouTube has not wanted to never incorporate all these extra options you have on the desktop in the mobile version. We do not know the whys or the reasons that this has happened, but if you wanted to search for videos in one more concrete, the version of the computer was the most plausible to do so.

As it has been found on XDA in the latest version of YouTube for mobile, just in the 11.20.54, some of the filters that are used in the desktop version they would introduce into the mobile to soon. These are to filter videos according to the I like, the counter of reproductions and relevance.

The lines of code that are found are just three , and allow the video search by relevance, number of reproductions and the like received. In this way the user would have more power to do more specific searches and to really show us the best videos, not as happens now, sometimes it seems that YouTube is which puts us at the table videos that wants us to see.

Anyway, those filters still have to be displayed in the mobile app, and although they are in the code already in the latest version, must emerge from it to find them in a final version. With a YouTube that gets half of reproductions that possesses this platform in its mobile version, improving search capabilities is vital to offer better options to users.

Now only have to wait for that YouTube decides to integrate these three new filters in the version of the app so that we can better define those searches that you make on one of the most commonly used from a smartphone or tablet apps, and so have a better sense of that control the app instead of it to us. A novelty that we will see as the last of the built-in chat.

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