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YouTube will offer to make broadcasts live from mobile

After Facebook with your tool “Live” and Twitter through Periscope opened the competition by live video transmissions, now YouTube announced that it will enable the option to broadcast live to perform through its application in mobile.

The main intention of the company is to offer the possibility to its users perform this type of transmissions that are quite fashionable at present. The new tool can be made from any smartphone that integrates operating system Android and iOS.

Soon the application will receive the corresponding update where the alternative will be integrated for the users. Web version It has not known anything about it, but you should add an option to play these transmissions through computers.

youtubelive1youtube live 2

When a person wants to do a transmission steps will be quite simple, since you will only have to choose whether it will be public, put a name to the video and give authorization to the application if it is notified that or not to his followers or subscribers of the channel with respect to the issue.

In addition after finishing videos these will be saved in the application and you can play as any other. Where the streaming are public, YouTube will offer recommendations to people about stored live videos that may be of your liking.

Finally, those of Mountain View emphasized that thanks to the infrastructure of interface that they possess, live video option will be more efficient and secure than those of their competition, since it takes almost 5 years available to them, but now they just adapt it to mobile. The official date of launch of the new tool is not yet known, but is expected to be within the next few weeks.

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