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YouTuber. drill 7 iPhone to connect your headphones, people believe him

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From the moment that Apple confirmed the Elimination of the port for headphones on the iPhone 7 has not stopped throwing arguments that justify this change. But this has not convinced many followers of the company, demanding a solution to this situation.

By misfortune, someone has uploaded to YouTube a joke made that many have taken in seriously, producing that more some user tease your new iPhone 7 to the drilling a hole in the terminal, low the naive idea of enable with this an input for headphones.


The people of TechRax is responsible for this ‘repair’ home, where show how, presumably, drilled the bottom of an iPhone 7 for, by magic, creating an entry for hearing aids that works 100%, as if it were of a possibility of function that Apple kept hidden in its design.

Just a little observation carefully to realize that it’s a lie, but the biggest surprise comes to look at the comments section in the YouTube video, where it is possible to note that more than one attempted to trick drill, leaving your iPhone 7 in the process useless.

By the provision of them components, and according to what recall of the presentation of the iPhone 7, the point of the drilling displayed in the video should be near the sensor haptic for the button of home.

So try this movement would be a real nonsense.

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