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Zang Zhiyuan, director of marketing of Xiaomi denies the rumors of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano


Little has lasted us this rumor on the launch of a new Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano, since the director of the marketing department of Xiaomi Zhang Zhiyuan, has announced Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano nor exists or has never existed, so nothing better than a confirmation outright and official to scupper the illusion of some users who saw in this device a hope to close purchase since it seemed that would launch it in the month of December as have rumored this same afternoon.

He theme not is that the device current not like to it most of us, is that the size that has despite have some frames really gotten, not make that the terminal is small and is that them 6.4 inch of screen play a role important in this sense.

Now with the confirmation official that not going to see this new terminal of 5.5 inch can be a hard hit for those that already had them plans of buy prepared, but not there is nothing best that have time to think in others options now that already is confirmed that this my Mix Nano not goes to launch is to the market. The web of PhoneArena is speaks of the release issued by the management of the brand Chinese that has debunked the rumor.

It is evident that Xiaomi has completed a year of really spectacular in terms of new releases of its mobile devices, so neither us strange that they do not have this version of the device that has both given that talk between the specialized media, now plays be patient and see the following movements of Xiaomi.

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