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ZTE shows us an amazing prototype of Gigabit Phone #MWC17

ZTE was surprised with a prototype of a phone capable of unimagined speed of navigation through the 5 G, Gigabit Phone.

Equipment, which carries onboard processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is capable, at least in what we could observe, have steadily down 980 MB. It is simply insane, and hence comes its name.

The phone as such does not exist and will not go on sale very soon, since your processor was monopolized by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its design is not for throwing Fireworks. We have a proof of concept of volume and loin. The first step to say “can”.

ZTE said that this computer ‘defies the limits of the world and transforms the senses of human beings’. And clear, in a place with 5G connection can that Yes, meanwhile in our region we still see dark areas and the promise of 4 G everywhere is far from being a reality. It is not that the Gigabit Phone won’t you serve, but you will be impossible, at least for a year, get all the potential.

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