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256GB in a microSD of quality, that offers Lexar

MicroSD cards have become long a standard storage at all levels. In fact, I can still remember the era in which having a 512 MB microSD already was an important milestone. However, time passes and technology grows strongly, that is what we are for example the hand of Lexar, which has presented an impressive card microSD focused users most demanding and capable of delivering up to 256GB of total storage. Let’s see what are the peculiar characteristics of this small card with a large capacity.

This microSD card offers speeds of up to 150 MB/s and writing up to 90 MB/s reading, they are not a folly of data, but they aren’t too bad if we take into account the total storage offering, so we have a microSD technology SDXC UHS-II U3. In short, all the seals of guarantee which should have a storage card to professional level and that will be available will do with its services approximately during the month of April this year.

The intention is to use it both to record video in grades 4K as video capabilities with 3D. To make us an idea, we can store some 36 hours of video in 4 K, around 58.100 songs or 67.600 photographs of good quality. A major step compared with 128GB of storage cards.

Gift will offer a copy of Image Rescue, a recovery of files, so that professionals can use to that content that have been removed accidentally. A good additive when you buy this card, although the good comes precisely now, when reveal the price, around 350 euros that we get with this card, or we buy a mid-range mobile device and accompany it with a microSD card.

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