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A Huawei Executive says that the new P10 Plus 2GB of RAM of the 6 that has abound you


Are we entering a terrain in which the specifications of own smartphones surpass the needs of the system? Because it seems that some are thinking precisely this and if in addition to the users themselves, own brands executives argue it, thus no longer need say more. In this case it is an Executive of the Chinese company Huawei, which says that the 6GB which has its terminal recently presented at MWC, the Huawei P10 Plus are a waste.

Initially, and after personally testing on the latest smartphone presented within the framework of the MWC in Barcelona, I can say that the Android operating system works perfectly with the 4 GB that has own brand, Huawei P10, device but is that in addition to this according to Lao Shi, 6 or even 8 GB of RAM that are beginning to settle in the new smartphone is completely unnecessary…

Not remain in this statements of Shi, and as we can read in her official profile of Weibo the cost for the brands this increase of RAM could be completely expendable, so the manufacturer and user would save money. In any case he says also that we must focus on the software to improve performance and do not load with more powerful hardware equipment, since in the case of the P10 Huawei its performance is excellent in every way and thanks to the general management who make the rest of components as its Kirin 960 processor, does not necessitate the use of as much RAM. While these statements are made public, we are seeing some manufacturers that are committed directly to the 8 GB of RAM on their Android devices, something that really is not worth any…

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