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Already you can delete all the photos and videos of WhatsApp in your iPhone with an only step


WhatsApp just updated its app for iOS devices to the version 2.17.1, if you have not received yet the update, probably yes, along today same you will get it. Among the most interesting innovations present in it, to point out that now you can already send messages offline though, until you don’t have an internet connection active, the same not will be sent to the application servers and then to your recipient.

Secondly, we need to talk about a new functionality that surely will like to virtually all users who used the famous messaging application on a device with iOS as it may be an iPhone. Thanks to this update now can delete all photos and videos that have been given by WhatsApp with one step, something that will save lots of memory and above all free space quickly.

Whatsapp for iOS now you allows you to delete pictures and videos from the configuration of a chat.

As detail, let know you that this functionality allows you to erase all records received in a chat of WhatsApp for what if you have several, or is the content of several chat rooms you want to delete, you will have to go one by one. To do so just you have to enter in a chat in particular settings and there you can delete all the content. Also you can do it from the application of settings of the own phone, specifically in the section use of data and storage.

Finally highlight that now is allow send to 30 photos in an only message, something that is especially useful especially if like send them photos to a family, friend or directly to a group, of an event or something special that you has occurred in a time given.

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