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Amazon offers us an interesting discount of €30 on reconditioned smartphones


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now history, and we approached at full speed to Christmas in which purchases are the main protagonists. At Amazon , there is no doubt that they do, and want to use it to continue us succulent discounts in an enormous amount of products and offers. The new promotion of the company that manages Jeff Bezos has that see with them smartphones reconditioned, that have an interesting discount.

A little later we will explain in detail what a refurbished smartphone, but you must know that it is a device that works seamlessly and that has been certified, but that cannot be sold as new by what price can not be the same as that of a new terminal. To that already discounted price of by itself, now must of add you a discount of 30 euros.

This new promotion from Amazon it will be in effect until December 22 by which if you have thinking of gift or treat yourself to a mobile device this Christmas, you should not let this chance to revise that refurbished smartphones you can purchase at one very interesting price.

For who have fear of not buy a device new, not you worry because not there is any risk, something that will end up of understand with the explanation that you are going to show then;

What is a reconditioned smartphone?


A refurbished smartphone is a device that as we have already said for various reasons cannot be sold as new. That it is open, that the box is damaged or missing some of its accessories can be some of these reasons, which must always be indicated in the description of the product by what must always be informed at all times of the causes by which the product is classified as refurbished.

One of the causes most repeated to make a smartphone happens to be considered, is that it has been returned by a user, without not even turn it on. The desprecintarlo the smartphone loses its status again, but nonetheless be intact, although its price that will be affected.

Any refurbished, not just smartphone which are sold at Amazon, have been reviewed and released to point to verify that it works perfectly. Obviously if the terminal has been considered as reconditioned for having defective box, that malfunction not be arranged, but always indiciará in the description of the device.

What refurbished smartphones offer us Amazon?

First of all, we should tell you that Amazon offers not only the discount of 30 euros to refurbished smartphones, but offers them in a huge list of over 10,000 items of all kinds.

To be able to take advantage of the discount of 30 euros purchase must overcome the 100 euros, something that is quite simple if we’ll acquire is a mobile device. The discount will be applied one time interpose order, so keep in mind that the price of the terminal is not definitive but that we will have to subtract the discount that will appear once process and complete your order.


Here we show you some of the best refurbished smartphones offered by Amazon these days with an interesting discount;

Motorola Moto G (8GB) – 100 euro

Sony Xperia Z3 – 265 EUR

Meizu M2 Note – 114 EUR

Meizu MX4 – 299,49 euros

WIKO Rainbow Jam – 105,39 euros

WIKO Highway – 106,88 euros

Lumia 650-158,53 euros

Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 Mini – 168,40 euros

Total in list of smarthpones reconditioned from Amazon we have 23 mobile devices, although some of them unfortunately to today and in the moment that we have published this article were not available for purchase. During the time that will last is promotion will surely be appearing new devices and stock of those who right now are not dispoinibles, but if you see any smartphone that you like and are available, hesitate or a single second and buy it, because with the succulent discount offered by Amazon will not last too available some of the devices.

Take advantage of the opportunity, not only Amazon offers smartphones

Already we have advanced you previously, but not about to repeat it one more time and it is that Amazon offers not only these days the discount of 30 euros in reconditioned, smartphones but extends it to a huge list of products of all kinds. You can check the complete list of devices reconditioned with discount on the following link.

Same happens with refurbished smartphones, units are quite limited and practically unique, so if something you like or convince you buy it without thinking you too. The discount conditions are exactly the same for any product than for any other device.

Did you buy a refurbished through Amazon device ever?.

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