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Amazon sold 940,000 products in Spain during Black Friday


Amazon already predicted before the Black Friday this year they would get beat once again his record sales. To do this they bet a significantly with interesting offers, not just on the day of the celebration, but from the day before. The end result is a new sales record, that paree today insurmountable, and that with such security will be collapsed in the coming year.

On the day of the Black Friday (not been published data on every day that have lasted for tenders relating to this celebration) sold in Spain a total of 940,000 products or what is the same a total of 10 products per second.

The figure is much less surprising, and is talking to the whites that is becoming increasingly more popular celebration of Black Friday and that in addition each time we are inclined to purchases through the network of networks, given Amazon to be a benchmark.

Returning to the figure of sales of the Black Friday, it division Spanish of the company that directs Jeff Bezos confirmed that not was too difficult overcome the record of sales that dated from the 12 of July when is held the Prime Day and is sold 570,000 products. To them six of the afternoon already is had beaten the record, for to end of the day come is to the million of products sold.

Now you only need to wait to see if Black Friday or Christmas of the year coming will be overcome this record, surpassing in addition one million products sold.

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