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America Movil would take five years to open up infrastructure to other operators

A month that the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) ordered new measures of regulation against America Movil in Mexico, after ordering it again as a dominant economic actor, it seems that the implementation of the provisions will take much longer than expected.

In an interview with the newspaper Reforma, Ignacio Gómez, partner of the Fide Partners analysis firm, said that America Movil would actually take about five years in providing effective access to their infrastructure to other operators.

Gomez says that this delay would be due to a problem of planning by the IFT, a European model, took as the basis for its regulation statutes but with deficiencies in his adaptation that left several holes in the process.

These failures would not only delay the deployment of the asymmetric measures and the opening of the infrastructure of America Movil, but it would also affect consequently the dynamics of free competition between operators.

Gomez said that the European model had greater attention to legal gaps, in elements such as reference offers and the definition of clauses prohibited by the prominent agent at the time of opening their infrastructure.

These items among others are missing from the Mexican model, so it considers that the deadline for the opening of the infrastructure of the main mobile operator in Mexico could take about five years.

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