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Android 7.0 Nougat already it would be testing in the Moto Z Play

They are gradually coming news on updates to Android devices to the latest available version of Google’s operating system. All have clear that this pace of updates should be a little faster, but it is clear that this is not so.

In this case the news about the arrival of Android Nougat the Moto G4 raised expectations for other devices motorcycle users, and in this case we have the news that the new OS would be already tested in the Moto Z Play, which could mean that by the end of February or beginning of March the new version would be available. On the other hand is a much stranger that the Moto Z Play be not updated before, but the important thing is that they end up doing.

The Moto Z Play would be waiting for the second version as well indicate the rumors on the net, but it is early to talk about it taking into account the success that has had this smartphone. Lenovo seems to be doing very well since he was in charge of Motorola and it has more secret that continue with the same policy updates and interesting for most users devices. Also updates of the operating system is something important for users to this day, since that few devices part of the Pixel, Nexus and ships which are updated each year to with a maximum of two versions by team and these bike do.

The news came to the network from the average Android Police and is possible that all them tests before its launch official already is are performing. Logically once you launch way officer is almost certain to be areas and not globally, but have news about to upgrade to the new operating system always tests are positive.

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