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Apple Pay tomorrow will be available in Spain through Banco Santander


The wait has been long, we could almost say that very long, but has come to an end and tomorrow same Apple Pay will be available in Spain, through a unique form of Banco Santander. The Apple mobile payments system is already operating for some time in other countries, but now comes to our country.

By the time the news has not been confirmed officially, but the rumor comes from sources very close, not only Apple, but Banco Santander, since morning on December 1 will begin to give support to the system of payments of the Cupertino.

The same source that confirms the launch of the service, also points out that from tomorrow we will start to pay with our Apple devices, except that appears any unforeseen last-minute be delayed a few hours or even a few days the launch of the service. Probably something not is polished at all when is speaks of this issue.

For those who still not know what Apple Pay, we must tell you that it is a payment system that allows us to use our iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at any terminal that is compatible with the type of contactless payments. This form of payment is completely free, and so only have to of authorize through the Touch ID them shopping superior to 20 euros.

No doubt the arrival of Apple Pay to Spain is great news for all those who we use on a daily basis an iPhone or an Apple Watch, and is that it will allow us to pay for our purchases of one is really simple and without having to use nothing more than our smartphone or smartwatch.

Do you think interesting the arrival official of Apple Pay to Spain?.

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