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ASUS ZenFone AR is another phone with Google Tango #CES2017

Lenovo is not the only company that is developing phones with Google Tango. The most recent to join the group is ASUS, which is to show the ZenFone AR in CES 2017.

Qualcomm is ahead of ASUS and confirmed the existence of this device. ZenFone AR has a Snapdragon 821 chip and has the particularity of being compatible with Tango and Daydream, the virtual reality of Google platform.

Judging by the chosen chip, ZenFone AR will be offering a much more robust in terms of specifications. The 821 Snapdragon has a 530 Adreno GPU that delivers performance 40% higher than that found in the Snapdragon 810 without sacrificing the battery time.

The final specifications of the AR ZenFone are unknown outside these technical details. 2017 CES press conference will be held on 4 January, where it will also announce Snapdragon 835 model.

What is Google Tango?

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Initially known as Project Tango, this new technology from Google allows that your phone create a map of your environment by means of cameras and sensors of movement. The images are processed in the device and this allows the creation of multiple experiences among which is include games, design of interiors or even that people blind can interact with the smartphone

The project was revealed makes almost three years and until now Lenovo is the only company that has released a terminal that support this new technology.

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