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Australia will begin to use recognition facial, of iris and fingerprint in its airports

Gradually new technologies you are opening in all services and this step right now is Australia, with a project called Seamless Traveler, which aim to streamline the processes of identification at its airports. In this case are before the home of the use of the recognition facial, of iris and of fingerprint fingerprint for overcome them controls of security without need of show documents as the passport or documents of identity avoiding long queues in this process, but these methods automated of control have to day of today some difficulties techniques that will have that solve before. In any case the first steps already are are doing and could start to operate in the airport of Canberra this month of July.

When say that will have some difficulties technical not us refer to them own machines or sensors charge of collect these data of recognition facial, iris or fingerprint, this works well to day of today, the problem resides in that before start to use them is requires of all these data collected previously and here enters in the debate them themes related with the privacy of the people , since all they have that be previously in a database so that in the time of using it in the airport this you recognize. Although fits highlight that in Australia already have a law approved that les allows collect this information of their citizens and of those users foreigners that visit the country by what will see in what ends this and if is carries forward.

In any case and leaving aside this “problem” of privacy give users, expected that for the year 2019 all this is already solved and up at this airport. In principle and for a correct use of all these sensors, users will spend in row by different enabled Rails and undergo cameras and different sensors that read the data to verify the identity of the same. This is undoubtedly an important step especially for those who travel a lot longer that would avoid long queues at various security checks, but has some loose fringes that will need to solve before you deploy it permanently.

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