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Chilean operators reject the environmental permit required for antennas

The red flags have ignited in multiple operators in Chile, since an amendment to the law on General bases of the environment 19,300 could delay the installation of antennas of telecommunications, something that would slow the deployment of wireless communications.

This change to the law would require undergo an environmental impact study each have to place transmitters and transmitting antennas. According to the Deputy Daniel Melo, antennas may generate electromagnetic pollution. Of approve is, them projects of antenna would have that pass by a procedure that could take of 120 days working up to two years.

These times contradict them deadlines that establishes the Government for the tenders, and an example is the term that the Subtel defined for the deployment of the 4 G, that is of 18 months for locations mandatory and two years for all the country. For the Association of mobile, passing this measure would paralyse the development and deployment of networks, especially that of 700 Mhz.

What kind of pollution would people be exposed?

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The Deputy Melo says that people are worried about the electromagnetic pollution emanating these towers, although it is necessary to know the way in which people are exposed to these signals before generating alarm.

To make a call by the phone, base station (Tower) transmits the signal through RF waves to the environment. The waves are transmitted towards the horizon intermittently and due to the height of the Tower, the exposure of a person on the floor is minimal.

Depending on the placement of the antenna, distance towards it and the type of construction, will be the exhibition. A person that enter to a tower placed in a roof would have greater exposure to these waves that a that is in the floor, but in accordance with, even so them levels are very low compared with the margin minimum that establishes the Commission Federal of telecommunications in USA as well as others organs regulatory.

He level of energy that generate them waves of radio frequency is so low that not figure in the list of types of radiation that increase the risk of contracting cancer, as rays X, gamma, UV, etc. Curiously the amount of exposure to them rays for those that live in a tower is even less that it of people that make a call by cell.

There is hope?

According to Diario Financiero, Pablo Badenier – Environment Minister – said that it is a bad idea, because this study environmental means a standard recharge unnecessary since there is sufficient sectoral regulations.

Badenier estimates that Chile has between 26,000 and 30,000 antennas installed at some 10,000 towers. After analysis of some specific, it has been determined that they do not generate a risk to the health of the population.

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