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Dell prepares a new 13 inch XPS convertible

Not going to deny that the world of the PC is changing, the desktop seems begin to reduce is only to them users professional and “gaming”, meanwhile, the sales of portable fall and fall each time more in favour of them convertible, speak of those portable that easily is can transform in a Tablet and that tend to count with screens touch and compatible with Windows 10. Dell, specialist in laptops and workstations knows, that plans to launch a new model XPS 13 inches that will be convertible and delight of many professional users due to its capabilities.

This laptop will count with all what is can wait of a device as well. Will be with a screen of 13 inch that will be capable of turn 360 degrees, with some bezels completely ridiculous (by it small of its size, not by the design), what you will provide a design quite interesting to the device. On the picture of published leaked that we see Headlining this article we found a very interesting design, very thin and has a classic USB, something quite to note today when almost all opt for the USB-C as an alternative to reduce both cost and size of the device.

The model of the XPS 13 has been named as the 9365 and us remembers much to the range YOGA of Lenovo. According to leaks of Central Windows, you could count on Intel processors of seventh generation “El Lake”, with up to 16 GB of RAM and screens that will depart in resolutions 1080 p Full HD to 2 K. The rest of details it seems that we won’t know them until the next planned consumer electronics event started in Las Vegas in the coming months. It seems that the passage of large towards the manufacturing of convertible makes clear the direction of the market soon.

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