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Exploits an iPhone 7 Plus inches from the head of a woman

Yes gentlemen, another explosion more. If something is on, we will likely cover it. This time it was Apple.

So many phones sold, it is normal that some will come out with faults, or that someone somewhere is using poor quality accessories or a lot of other possible factors.

Today’s story comes from the far China, where according to the history that gives Softpedia, the protagonist of this story, a girl named Chen slept with his team next to his pillow. I had bought it new in March. A beautiful iPhone 7 Plus, practically new. It is normal (?) that you wanted to sleep next to him…

In the middle of the night when I least suspected it, feel the smoke out and wakes up to see that the team has become a grenade of low power.

He throws it to the floor and flames become protagonists of the aluminium body. Somewhere, Jony Ive shed a tear.

Chen said that never again will buy an iPhone and that if the brand happens one free not I would receive it because it searches for the brand “ensure that something like this won’t happen again”.

iphone explotado 2iphone explotado

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