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Five for master them at all: known to the range X of LG

The series X of LG is the bet of the conglomerate of Seoul by master to the public that wants features custodial of the range high in teams that have a price reasonable. Five are us betting deeply capable of performing the most common tasks of users without any crash.

Grace is all share their inner ability without compromising design, especially in the range of prices that are offered. In addition, depending on what you want, each one complies with something spectacular that only could see paying more than three times the price of one of these terminals.

LG X Style

The first thing that draws our attention of LG X Style is its build quality. Feels very thin (6.9 mm) but at the same time rigidly. Its front with edges top and bottom curved with a screen of 5 inches it makes be a team very comfortable and aesthetic. The camera does not protrude at the rear allowing you to keep the design continuous. Its price is of CLP $99.990 released.

LG X Style

LG X Cam

Already we had found in the past with this terminal and we were impressed by its exquisite design. Curved like the Style but with that pattern of brushed metal that makes it very attractive. Your camera double, as which is sees in the LG G5, with a lens normal and another great angular, us comes to demonstrate that narrowly money is can have a camera competent and novel, in a chassis that not leave indifferent to nobody. We can find it for CLP $189.990.

LG X Cam cepillado

LG X Power

A phone made non-stop, its autonomy is great given its battery of 4100 mili amps. Notwithstanding the foregoing you are thick, on the contrary, is like a large version of the X Style. This has with screen of 5.3 inches and load fast, which us ensures be always connected and be able to use it without fear. For CLP $149.990 we can make of this terminal.

LG X Power

LG X Screen


Screen of 4.93 inches and 13 megapixel camera may sound too well, but if we add to that expandable memory up to 2 TB and a spectacular design, we are facing a team that raises several looks. As the Cam X inheriting a characteristic of the G5, it inherits the second screen of the V20. Having this aid that only by sliding from side to side gives us our choices, even with the phone off, in addition to customizing, is a luxury. You have your notifications and be able to read them unless it interferes with what you’re doing is really comfortable. The price of this terminal is CLP $189.990

LG X Max

FullSizeRender (1)

Here we find a phablet in all its glory. 5.5 inch screen really bright, ideal for multimedia consumption. Still not you have with the size, since they managed to have much screen in little body, resulting in a small footprint that makes it comfortable to use. A madness is mode Auto Selfie, which recognizes your face and you must not press No button to take the picture. It is striking that a phone with these characteristics can be achieved by CLP $169.990 released and prepaid.

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