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Ghost Robotics presents Minitaur, an awesome robot

Ghost Robotics

Still I must admit that it has not passed enough time as so that I forget to that impressive robot with wheels presented by the guys from Boston Dynamics, one of the most advanced in the world of robotics. Precisely because of this today I want to introduce yourself than it is able to the last creature designed by Ghost Robotics, a company perhaps not so well known but with similar capabilities.

Minitaur is the name that the boys of Ghost Robotics have decided to baptize her last creature, a small robot of four legs that stands out as having the ability to jump and even scale, two much more complex actions program in what we can even imagine, and this robot does it with an ease and mastery worthy of mention and even admiration.

Expected that, once on the market, Minitaur has an approximate amount of us $1,500 per unit.

Thanks precisely to the domain of this functionality, as you may be imagining, Minitaur is especially skillful to advance through any type of terrain, especially if it has an uneven surface. You have proof of what I say in the video that you have left located just above these lines where the developers of the project within Ghost Robotics backgrounds go outside with his creature for a small walk.

Before dismissing me I’d like to point out that, despite its small size, the robot is able to move at a maximum speed of up to 2 metres per second, jumping to a height of 48 cm. Remains much until Minitaur reaches the market, although its makers dare to announce that, once produced en masse, could be yours for about $ 1,500.

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